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Virtual Interior, The Andes @Bukit Jalil
Type A, 1,105sf
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can you buy clomid from a chemist Our Virtual Interior Design can provide you the most comprehensive blueprint to start your renovation journey. Avoid regretting your design decisions and “living” the mistakes you made.

discover this With our walkthrough Virtual Interior, you can feel the spatial dimension and arrangement of the furnishing, decoration and lighting. Moreover, you can also feel the design, colour scheme and furnitures from various angles.

Even with a tight budget, our Virtual Interior Design can help you to plan to make your dream home comes true.


"Engaging SoSpace's virtual interior design was the best decision we had made. It helped us to make the right & practical decisions in our renovation journey".

"With the Virtual Interior, we avoided some costly mistakes and enabled us to engage directly with subcontractors which lowered the total cost of renovation".
Mr & Mrs.Feng
The Andes, Bukit Jalil


Complete Virtual Interior Design
RM 2.00 per square feet
  • Up to 2x revisions
  • On Scale Dimension
  • Spatial Arrangement
  • Colour Scheme
  • Lighting & Decoration

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